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Kathryn Schrotenboer

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Kathryn Schrotenboer Design



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As the owner of Kathryn Schrotenboer Design, I provide design and marketing consulting to various companies and individuals. Whether my clients are in need of a logo or other design piece, or a complete company rebranding or marketing plan, I am able to help clients efficiently meet their marketing goals.

My design style is focused around clean, classic, and contemporary influences. Less is more. With a classic, clean design, you are able to make a bold, and lasting impression. I help my clients focus their marketing efforts and boost productivity.

My art is a product of habit. It is through this habitual nature of creating that my art takes its form. My work is as much about the act of creating, as it is about the end product. Art becomes a routine, a pattern for me. It is the meditative nature of progression through repetition that moves my work forward.

My artworks take shape through sequence and repetition. An artwork may happen in a series of steps, grounded by the succession through the piece. Continuous movements, such as the back and forth vibrations of a line, begin to layer works towards their end.

I often begin a piece dealing with a simple form: a line, or a sphere. Through the repetitive process of layering, the simplicity of the form drops away and complexities settle in. Associations that the viewer holds with the original form drop away and are skewed.

I often work back and forth between 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional processes. The two means of working influence each other and keep my art moving onward from piece to piece.